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Pharmacology for Natural Sciences: "Development of Human Retinal Organoids for the Evaluation of Gene Therapy Approaches"


As part of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at the LMU Campus Großhadern, we, the research group Pharmacology for Natural Sciences, work on the "Development of Human Retinal Organoids for the Evaluation of Gene Therapy Approaches," aiming to find a treatment for retinitis pigmentosa.

From mid-February / beginning of March 2024, an internship position is available for two to three months (with a possible extension). The internship student will work under the topic: "Validation of knockout human-induced pluripotent stem cells". He/she should carry out various molecular biology techniques (including genomic DNA isolation, RNA isolation, PCR, gel electrophoresis), cell culture, and immunohistological staining.

This position is suitable for students of master’s and degree programs in the field of Life Sciences.

If you are interested and for more detailed information regarding the position, please contact us by e-mail

Contact for applications:

Dina Otify

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Pharmakologie für Naturwissenschaften

Butenandtstr. 7, Haus C

81377 München