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“Data Clinic”

A seminar on scientific data analysis


“Data Clinic” – a seminar on scientific data analysis
Wiktor Młynarski


Dear Students,
I would like to draw your attention to “Data Clinic” - a new seminar which took off during the
winter and will take place again during the upcoming summer semester. The seminar is aimed
at those of you who analyse experimental data as a part of your thesis work (both MSc and
PhD). The main goal of the seminar is to provide structured feedback and advice on data
analysis challenges you encounter in your research. As a result, you may advance your
projects while deepening your familiarity with applied statistics and data mining. At the same
time, the seminar may help you to develop the ability to identify common statistical problems
shared across different (neuro) biological studies.

The course will have a form of a seminar. During each class one or two students (depending
on the demand) will present their work focusing primarily on data analysis challenges. The
presentation will be followed by a discussion with the instructor and other participants. The
purpose of the discussion is to understand the statistical problems and to propose possible
solutions. At the end of each class, the instructor and presenting students will agree on a list
of next steps for the students to pursue. During the next presentation round, participants will
discuss their progress on agreed analyses. Participants will present cyclically (ideally each
person will present once each 3 weeks).

In my experience this seminar has the potential of being engaging, interesting and useful for
everyone involved. Please consider registering for the upcoming semester!

With best wishes,
Wiktor Młynarski